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Medicom Toy Corporation


Medicom BE@RBRICK Aroma Ornament #00

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A ceramic aroma diffuser for room fragrances/ put a few drops of essential oil directly onto the diffuser. The oil will soak in, and becomes fragrant with tender aroma as it volatilises naturally. Pure white ornament made carefully at the atelierintokyo is quietly beautiful, it isscented object likeart work.

size: overall height about 12 cm
material: ceramic
prototype production:medicom toy
book type gift box entering: length 20 cm × side 15 cm × thickness 6.5 cm
aroma oil 10 ml included
incense preparation: library design
aroma: blanc (original blend aroma that imagined pure white serenity, a scent that resets from the bustle of the city and arouses a quiet heart.)