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BD Barcelona Design Binaria Stool

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Binaria is one product that has been unique for many years.‎ The Binaria was developed by the doctor, Jordi Badia in co-operation with the industrial designer Otto Canalda.‎ It is not simply a stool, it is a seat designed on well researched medical principles.‎ It is highly recommended for any activity where you have to sit down, but at the same time you are required to maintain certain mobility.‎ Especially in the work place.‎ The development of the Binaria has been based on detailed ergonomic and anthropometric studies.‎ For any occupation, be it a dentist or a supermarket cashier.‎ the patented shape of the seat guarantees the healthiest position of the backrest in relation to the legs.‎ This being 135°.‎ The characteristic split in the centre of the seat ensures the legs of the user are positioned in the most natural way, creating both stability and good hip articulation.‎ Binaria is a work seat that feels really good.‎ In actual fact the design is well proven.

The seat is in injected integral polyuretane. 
Dimension: Ø61,5 x h.62/82 cm

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