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Barisieur Coffee Brewing Alarm Clock

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Imagine waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed, connoisseur-approved coffee or tea every morning. With Barisieur's Brewing Alarm Clock, you can do just that: this sleek, innovative two-in-one alarm clock and precision brewing system is designed to bring an element of pleasurable ritual into your morning routine. The Brewing Clock comprises delicate glassware on a walnut timber tray on top of a matte black base, and features a milk vessel which cools through a peltier cooler which is activated by an infrared sensor. There's even a drawer with an integrated lid and spoon, perfect for storing both coffee and tea. Considered design sure to enhance caffeine-lovers' mornings.

Feature 1 Water boils in 3-5 minutes to 94 °C. Refrigerator function cools milk overnight at 5-8°C. Use 1.5-2 scoops coffee or 2-3 scoops loose tea.
Feature 2 220 - 240V. Alarm setting, adjustable volume. 12 or 24 hour display. Clock dims automatically at night.
Material Plastic, Walnut Wood, Glass. Accessories: Stainless Steel. Bungs: Silicone.
Dimension H: 28 cm W: 17 cm D: 28 cm. Cable - L: 1.2 m.

1 Year warranty

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