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Authentic Models BV Desktop Fokker Triplane

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Authentic Models AP203 WWI German Fokker DR-I Triplane Flown by the "Red Baron"

This is a museum-quality model for the discriminating collector. In approximately 1:15 scale, true miniatures of early flying craft have never been offered in an upscale model such as this. This model was hand-made. It reflects the true character of the original from an earlier age and should be viewed in the light of its own historical background.

Silk canvas stretched over a wooden frame; Spoke wire wheels; Detailed engine; Laminated wood propeller; Leather accents; Detailed cockpit complete with guages and steering column; Historically correct colors, stencils and decor.

Wingspan is over 46 cm
Width 47 cm
Depth 39 cm
Height 19 cm