360 Degree Storage Drawer Unit . 10 Drawers in Black

Designed by Magis
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The 360 Container was designed by Konstantin Grcic together with the eponymous chair for the Italian company Magis. The idea behind the drawer container is the boost of dynamic work. The simple drawers are rotatable by 360̴ and can therefore be used from every angle.

The highest possible flexibility is guaranteed by the roles under the 360 Container that make it possible to change place easily. The robust materials ensure that the container resists everyday demands. The deposits of the drawer container consist of ABS plastic; the connecting tube out of aluminium.

Dimension: height 127 cm; drawer width 31cm; drawer length 35cm
Trays: ABS, Connecting tube: aluminium

Delivery Remark

Estimated Arrival: 2-5 working days to HK. 

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