HAY Mags Sofa 2.5-Seater Combination03

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Designed with maximum comfort and minimum details, the Mags sofa ensures what lies beyond its strong aesthetic presence has an equally lasting impact. Keeping superior comfort and quality in mind, Mags is built using a solid construction with durable, high-density foam and interior padding for optimal longevity.
The low frame has a distinctly lounge feel, reinforced by the deep seats and high armrests, to result in a more open, welcoming space.
The wide range of functional modular units mean the sofa can be fully customised with chaise longue, corner modules or additional seats to suit any room or purpose, while the high quality upholstery options enables the sofa to find its own personality.

We can pre-order all fabric and module available for this product, for more details, please contact us by e-mail or call 9309 7120.

Dimension: W246.5 D127.5 H67cm, Seat H40cm 
Frame in stained pinewood
Image display Fabric is Hallindal 116
Polyurethane foam, spring system