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Magis Deja-vu Mirror by Naoto Fukasawa

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A review with Déjà-vu: Suiting the eponymous furniture collection by Naoto Fukasawa, Magis presents a mirror, whose shape seems familiar but still refreshingly modern.

Naoto Fukasawa is famous for his logical, clear designs, which act minimalistic, but also very friendly. The Déjà-vu mirror doesn't make any differences: As well as the rest of the Déjà-vu collection, the mirror bribes with modern minimalism. The mirror is versatile usable thanks to the clear shape, while the appearance is independent enough to stand out of the crowd.

Magis manufactures the Déjà-vu mirror with a frame out of polished aluminium. The mirror glass has a safety foil on the back and the wall mounting fittings are made out of robust iron.

Height: 137 cm, Depth: 10.5 cm, Length: 73 cm