Mero Wings


Mero Wings Moon Soft Mat Ø138cm

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MeroWings Mats bring a bit of nature inside. Made of cleanable polyester fabric that simply wipes clean. Mats are not machine washable.

Unbelievably realistic, the three dimensional photo reproductive quality of the MeroWings Forest, Space, Ocean and Stone Collections simply compels you to reach out and touch them. Only then can you be convinced that you have been subject to an optical illusion. Velvety soft fabrics coupled with high quality craftsmanship ensure an extraordinary experience for the senses. Indeed, it is impossible to walk past them without a double take! Multi-functional, innovative and inspiring, the possibilities to create a magical environment are immense! Great for reading areas, or to create a unique seating and gathering area that speaks to the forces of a natural setting.

Fabric is velvety, silk soft and cuddly
Design by Meena Vailail-Dieter
Material: Synthetic fibre
Diameter: 138cm