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Arne Jacobsen Bankers Wall Clock 21cm

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Arne Jacobsen created the Bankers Clock when designing the building for Denmark's National Bank in 1971. It was Arne Jacobsen's custom to design the totality everything from the building to its fixtures and fittings, furniture, etc. Thus, the clock collection represents an interesting cross-section of modernism in design as expressed by Arne Jacobsen over a period of 30 years. To ensure the clocks are recreated entirely in accordance with and true to the style and spirit of Arne Jacobsen, Rosendahl Design Group has initiated a close collaboration with the architect and designer Teit Weylandt, who for many years directed product development at Arne Jacobsen's studio.

Designer: Arne Jacobsen
Dimension: Ø21 cm
Materials: Mineral glass, aluminium