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Stelton Pure Black Chef's Knife

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Designed by HolmbäckNordentoft

Pure Black chef's knife belongs to the knife series Pure Black by Stelton, consisting of three knives: a chef's knife in two different sizes, small and large, and a bread knife. The series is completed by the magnetic knife holder Pure White. Pure Black and Pure White products are perfect for the modern minimalistic kitchen, they are stylish and they are made of high quality materials, chromium stainless steel, and black non-stick coating. Give your kitchen a new look with the Pure Black and Pure White series. Ideal also as a men's gift.

Set of 3
Material: Steel
Chef: H10 W42.5 D3.5 cm
Bread: H9.2 W42.5 D3.5 cm
Utility: H7.5 W25 D3 cm