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Yoshitomo Nara Art Tray Collection Set of 3

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© Yoshitomo Nara

Explore the world of modern art with the How2Work Art Tray Collection by Nara Yoshitomo. Handcrafted by Swedish artisans and made with food-safe materials, each tray features one of three renowned works by the Japanese contemporary artist: "Cloud Shrouded", "... Words Mean Nothing at All", and "Untitled". Showcasing exceptional beauty and practicality, the collection consist 3 trays—one larger (29x37cm), and two smaller (21x28cm)—is sure to be a conversation starter around any dining table.

Material: laminated plywood (oak, Sweden)
21w x 28d x 1.5cmh (Untitled, Words Mean Nothing at All)
29w x 37d x 1.5cmh (Cloud Shrouded...)

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