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Valsecchi 1918


Valsecchi 1918 Pinocchio On the Wall Mirror 140 x 65cm

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Few people know that back in the ‘30s Valsecchi was a maker of poetic wooden toys. That's why the Valsecchi 1918 logo consists of a walking Pinocchio. In 2014, Pinocchio jumped on the wall and turned into a mirror and clothes hanger: hang your jacket to his nose and look in the mirror (before telling a lie!). The steel structure is a suitable support for magnets. Made from top quality steel, this full-sized wall mirror is perfect to have a final look to your outfit before heading out to work or o a date. Even the tip of Pinocchio's hat, hands and feet provide useful hooks for hanging your clothes, coats, handbags, scarves or hat. It really seems that Pinocchio's call is to be useful to your daily life. 

Dimension: H140 W65cm
Material: Steel