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Marset Bicoca Portable LED Lamp

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Table Lamp - Ready to go.
Bicoca contains a rear USB charging port, allowing you to 
pick up and carry the lamp with you, wherever you require ambience and illumination.

The Bicoca is colorful, portable, practically feather-light with dimming function, created by Christophe Mathieu, 2017.

Material: Color polycarbonate and shade. Opal diffuser polycarbonate. Stainless steel and teflon joint.
Sizes: H22.5  Ø14(Shade) Ø6.5(Base) cm.
Light: LED 3,2W 2700K 478lm (included)

Dimmer: 3 positions dimmer.
Battery: 5 hours in peak power. 10 hours in half power. 20 hours in a quarter power. Battery charging time: 10h.

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