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Dyson Lightcycle Morph Floor Lamp , Black

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another creation by jake dyson, the lightcycle morph uses a unique time-, date- and gps-driven algorithm to constantly calculate and recalculate the ever-changing colour temperature and brightness of daylight anywhere in the world. the built-in algorithm then adjusts the light every 60 seconds in relation to daylight exactly where you live, giving you the right type of light at the right time of day for your location.

thanks to its unique design, the morph transforms for you space, it can be used as a task light, am indirect light, feature light, and ambient light.

features heat pipe technology (for up to 60-years light quality), integrated usc-c charger, slide-touch controls, magnetic touch-glide docking.

Material: Metal
Dimension: H. 125.1 cm - L. 46,5 cm - W. 30,2 cm