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Balmuda The Toaster, white

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BALMUDA The Toaster uses steam technology and precise temperature control to enhance the three essential elements of any culinary delight. It features four distinct steam-driven modes and an Oven Mode.

Material: steel, glass
Dimension: w36 x d32 x h21 cm

/ Patented steam injection technology to preserve the moisture content of the bread
/ Electronic temperature control technology, which can be raised to the specified temperature in 2 minutes
/ Temperature control and steam technology bring an impressive smell
/ 5 preset operation modes, making it easier to bake food
/ Modes: 1. Toast mode 2. Cheese toast mode 3. French bread mode 4. Croissant mode 5. Classic baking mode
/ Power cord: about 1m
/ Power consumption: 1,300W
/ Accessories: 5CC measuring cup