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The Swinging Sticks


The Original Swinging Sticks® (87 cm)

Delivery & Exchange Info
5 years of manufacturer warranty.

Inspection and 7-10 days of testing takes place before shipping from workshop. Only products that live up to the highest quality requirements will be shipped.

The Swinging Sticks is a handmade product meaning that the production quantity is very limited.

The Swinging Sticks is a double pendulum kinetic energy perpetual motion desk sculpture famous for its style and sophistication. The aluminum arms appear to defy the laws of physics and gravity as they continue to turn through the air never stopping for up to 2 years!

The Swinging Sticks kinetic energy sculpture was created by two Germans who were aiming to design a perpetual motion machine. 

The monthly production quantity is very limited due to the precision involved in the complex construction of each and every set of The Swinging Sticks. Each Swinging Sticks sculpture is handcrafted and takes an expert engineer to assemble. 

4 x D batteries are required but not included due to shipping restrictions.

Each of The Swinging Sticks comes with a laser security label with a running number! You will find the laser security label on the packaging and under the base of each of the Swinging Sticks. This means you can always prove that you have bought one of the real patented Swinging Sticks.

The Swinging Sticks kinetic energy sculpture appears in major movies and motion pictures such as the Iron Man 2.

Product size while in motion: 81.0 x 14 x 86.5 cm
Product weight (including batteries): 3 kg.

Total shipping weight: 4.9 kg
Shipping size: 18.5 x 53 x 62cm